Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Start Raising Turkey and What You Need

Raising turkey are rather relatively easy to start, unless you want to whole herd, perhaps just one or two for your holiday dinner is going to work.

It's time to raise turkeys for the holidays, and because they're relatively easy if you have a bit of space you can raise several together and then sell the other ones to pay for your own turkey. You'll need a convenient pen for raising turkeys, as they need warmth, food and water as will as vitamins and certain nutrients.

Raising turkey is always easier when raising more than one bird at a time, not only are they a likely eat better, but also they more comfortable in flocks, and in the wild you'll see a flock of turkeys hanging out. So get three to five when you begin your turkey growing experience, that way if you lose one or two you'll still have a couple to get to maturity for your holidays.

You want a climate controlled pen or shelter for your young turkeys. You'll have to fill it full of soft flooring, give them a heat source such as a red heat lamp, as well as convenient food and clean water. There are several things that can happen within your flock of turkeys, but it's all according to how you want to grow them, whether organic or not as what you're going to do concerning the problems.

Many turkey farmers will lose quite a few young turkeys due to diarrhea, you can avoid this common problem by putting acidophilus in their water. This is considered an organic remedy to the problem, also, coccidiosis, the cause of the diarrhea can be solved with antibiotics in the water as well. It's all according to whether you're raising organic turkeys, or are going to use processed food. If you're using processed food it's okay to use antibiotics in the water, but if you're raising organic turkeys, try the acidophilus.

Also, without the proper nutrients and vitamins in their diet your turkeys legs can grow crooked. This will cause them to be unable to walk, resulting in poor turkey form and possible death. Make sure that you read up on these types of problems on the Internet before getting your baby turkeys. This way you can avoid these types of turkey health risks before they become a real problem.

It's not difficult raising turkey for your holidays, start about five months before the holidays, that should give you ample time to get them turkeys large enough for your dinner. Also, as far as butchering, you may find a local establishment that may do it for you. Enjoy the adventure of raising turkey for the holidays, and then enjoy eating a dinner you raised yourself.

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