Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Complete Guide to Raising Chickens Anywhere – Even in Your Urban Back Yard!

There is a growing "Urban Farm Movement" of city and suburban folks who wish to return to their agricultural roots by raising of small flocks of chickens in an urban setting. These "Urban Farmers" or "Backyard Enthusiasts" have many reasons for keeping chickens. But the one thing most of them lack is the knowledge to make the dream come alive.

Everything You Need to Know

People raise chickens for a variety of reason. If you want to raise chickens for any of these reasons, this is a must-have resource:

* For Fresh Eggs: A natural and holistic source of protein.

* For Meat: An excellent source of low fat protein

* Drug Free: Are you concerned about the effects of drugs in the food supply? You can raise your chickens free of drugs like antibiotics

* Insect Control and Fertilizer: Chickens thrive on bugs and their manure makes some of the best fertilizer there is

* For Exhibition or as Family Pets: They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. What a relaxing distraction from the rush of every day life

* Save the Planet: Chickens are a sustainable and local food source that educates, promotes responsibility and helps consumers to reduce their carbon footprints in these days of ecological awareness

Discover everything you need to know about keeping chickens at home: your backyard, the city, suburbs, or anywhere for that matter. You'll absolutely have all of the information you need. Everything. Seriously, it's all here and more!

Grab Your Copy Today

You'll learn:

* what you must do BEFORE YOU EVER SPEND A PENNY

* Learn about the history of domestic chickens and why the Greeks and Romans idolized them

* Learn the four categories and two classes of chickens and what's important to know about them

* Which breed is right for your needs?

* Should you raise chicks or get full grown chickens from the start?

* How to determine the sex of baby chicks

* How to keep your flock healthy and productive

* And much, much more.

This comprehensive resource covers all the bases in masterful, everyday simplicity. If you have chickens in your plans, grab your copy of this excellent resource today.

Incredible Chickens


  1. I grew up on a farm & we had chickens. I have a neighbor who raises chickens right there in his side yard. He has a very nice coop and they are fenced in, since he lives right on the main road. He sells eggs for $1.60 a dozen. That's decent money in hard times like today.

    We've been told for the last couple decades or so that eggs are bad for us and many has shunned them for years. We now know that isn't true at all. Organic eggs are invaluable to a healthy diet. Free range eggs have a much higher level of nutrients and protein than store bought eggs.

    Eggs don't increase the risk of heart disease for the average person who is not already a high risk. To the contrary, they are nearly a perfect food with a balance of protein and nutrients.

    Good article & I hope you enjoy your chickens and fresh eggs!

  2. Thanks for stopping by KD.

    I have been pricing baby chicks this spring and am about ready to place my order I think. I usually buy thru a place in the mid-west but I found a great local hatchery to buy any kind of chicks I want. They cost about 2-3% more per chick but there is no high-dollar shipping involved so it comes out much cheaper in the long run.

    Also, I'm a firm believer in keeping the money in your own community when you can; help your neighbor out, they gotta eat too, you know.

    As a freelance writer, I think I will contact her about doing an article or two about her operation. Her husband owned it before they were married and she got in it when they did. He passed last year and she is carrying on the tradition and you gotta admire that.